Recover from anxiety and walk away from anxiety

You Can Walk Away from Anxiety

Picture it. You are struggling with anxiety again. Your heart is racing. You haven’t slept well in weeks, maybe months. Your mind is jumping from thought to thought and no matter what you do, you can’t make it stop. You’ve been here before and you know it is a long, tough road ahead to get out.  You just want it gone.

And then you talk with someone who tells you assuredly that you are not broken and all you have to do is get rid of some thinking that is running and ruining your life. She makes it sound so easy and effortless. You can’t believe it. You don’t know if you should believe it.  Oh, but you so want to.

This is How I Walked Away from Anxiety & Now My Life’s Mission

This is how my personal story of walking away from anxiety started and it ended up with me experiencing the liberating relief of my life-sucking anxiety gone. This led to my life’s mission: to tell as many people as possible that there is a way to walk away and it is achievable for everyone because the approach works every time.

What Would You Gain if You Had No More Anxiety? 

Would you gain your health back? Would you repair an existing relationship?   Maybe you would attract a new relationship?  How would your interaction with money change?  I bet you would be able to attract and hold onto money better. How about your family life?  Maybe all those relationships would improve as well. How about your performance at work?  Imagine the benefit and advantage of being clear-headed and focused every day.

Real Change Requires Real Commitment

In order to make lasting change, we must commit.  The reality for me was that if I wanted my anxiety gone I needed to commit to the therapy this woman was offering. The commitment was for 3 months.   I also needed to commit to doing the work, showing up to my weekly sessions, and having an open mind.  I also needed to let go of my illusion that I could do this alone.  I needed help and that was okay.

I am here to tell you that it doesn’t matter how your anxiety shows up.  There are many different types of anxiety. From social anxiety to fear of uncertainty to panic disorders; they are all rooted in some catastrophic, self-limiting, disaster-predicting thinking that we just can’t get past on our own.  The thing about this thinking is that it took root when we were just kids and by now, it has been running on autopilot for so long that it has become full-on belief with all of the support and validation that it needs to run the show on a daily basis.

How Would Your World Change When Your Belief is de-mythed?   

Just like how the bigger world changed when the belief that it was flat was debunked, your world which includes your family friends, work, health will also change when your “the world is flat” belief is no longer showing up.

You can recover from anxiety. I walked away, well actually I ran away, from my anxiety and you can too.

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