Are we really that different?

We all want to be happy and to be connect to other human beings in meaningful, loving relationships.  We all want to live life without constant feelings of overwhelm and despair and panic.

Most of us have experienced the joy of moments filled with self-love and self-acceptance however for some of us, we have stumbled into the emotional pain of relationships not working, health slipping, careers and jobs being lost, children struggling and well don’t know how to help or where to turn.

These experiences are raw and very painful and lead to overwhelming emotions like anxiety, guilt, anger, depression, fear, and sadness.

Unlock the hope for a different way

The good news is that there journey from emotional pain towards inner peace is not only available but a relatively short one.  Turning away from the fear-based self towards a path guided by peace, fulfillment and self-actualization is possible.  This is where suffering ends and you start to see things differently.  Options start to appear where before there seemed to be none.  Realizations of how your own behaviour could be affecting your desired outcome starts to occur to you.  Desire for change and a bravery to forge ahead differently becomes your operating model.  The real change comes from you seeing things differently and therefore able to behave differently.  And we all know that when we change our behaviour, everything around us changes as well.

How it became different for me

I know the emotional pain of anxiety as I experienced it for most of my adult life.  It affects my life directly in many ways resulting in a culmination of heartbreaking experiences and losses ranging from relationships to finances.  It came to a point where I felt that a happy and peaceful existence was not an option for myself.

And then I became aware of a different type of therapy.  A therapy that allowed me to remove the build-up of negative emotions, limitations and conflicts that I had created in my mind, unconsciously.  A therapy where my interpretation of my circumstances became different.  Where the filters that I saw my life through changed from fear and limitations, to love and possibility.

Within a very short period of time, I was lifted from the trap of unwarranted and irrational emotions running my daily existence.  I was able to make sound decisions easily and to chart a new and healthier path for myself.  Relationships became different.  Bad ones left and good ones showed up.  I was no longer a victim of my emotional patterns.  Everything became different.