What I Do

My NLP life coaching follows a proven process that moves you from problem to solution in as little as 10 hours.  Based on neurolinguistics and time-based therapies, your ingrained behavioural and emotional difficulties are overcome and your desired goals are realized.

Your breakthrough session is uniquely designed just for you!

Life-changing results are obtained by accessing the following elements of your unconscious mind:

  • negative emotions
  • unwanted beliefs
  • limiting decisions
  • internal conflicts

This therapy is different from other therapies because it goes directly to the root of the problem and removes it.  It concentrates on how the problem shows up in your life, and not on why the problem exists.

A breakthrough is ideal for those who want to:

  • eliminate anxiousness and/or sadness
  • acquire self confidence
  • improve relationships
  • increase self-motivation
  • improve physical and emotional health

After a breakthrough clients typically experience being:

  • more in control of their lives
  • excited about their lives and their possibilities for the future
  • connected to others in more meaningful ways
  • motivated to become healthier
  • successful in attracting abundance