I have had the honor of working with some incredible people as they work through their struggles with feeling anxious. Occasionally they like to share their positive experiences and feedback with me. Please see their kind words below.


This process has been an incredible experience for me.  I didn’t fully appreciate how many ineffective thought processes had been plaguing my ability to really experience life to its fullest.  I feel happier, more on purpose and more courageous in my convictions.  Thank you Karen – you are a life changer.  Your empathy, wisdom and commitment to your process made such a difference in my world.  I highly recommend your services, even to the most skeptical.  It is completely worth it!


It has been an incredible journey to work with Karen on conquering so many things I thought couldn’t be conquered. I was depressed for about 10 years, from age 15 to 25 and while there were better phases and worse phases of depression, it was something that weighed me down incredibly, threatened my life on occasion; and, it was just a load that I couldn’t get off my back no matter what I did, where I went, or what I achieved. I am a professional ballet dancer and all of my career until this point went by while I was depressed. Depression severely affected my performance, my work relationships, and my ability to shine through as an artist. I knew that I was in the right place, that ballet was my calling, but it was like something kept falling apart at the most important moments, and then when things did go right, I didn’t feel like I could be fully present to enjoy them. More and more, I began to doubt everything.

Working with Karen, I learned that I could trust myself and there isn’t a more valuable skill than that. And I couldn’t have learned it without letting go of the baggage that Karen expertly guided me in letting go of. The transformations that took place for me even after my first month of the program were incredible! Everything in my weekly routine became more colourful and interesting. New opportunities seemed to blossom all around me and to top it all off, I was able to connect with someone who I am absolutely in love with now, that loves me back with just as much emotion, grace, intelligence, and thoughtfulness.

I am now also extremely grateful to be able to react to things with a proportional emotional response. I no longer live in fear that depression or anxiety will creep up again at any moment. I live in excitement for how I will live each day and confident that I can continue building my own happiness, wonder, artistic practice, and healthy, positive relationships.

A.L.Toronto, ON

Working through my struggles with Karen has been an absolute blessing.  From the first session I was already seeing real, tangible results in myself, in my relationships, and in my life in general!  It was so encouraging to be able to see immediate change that we were then able to build upon session after session.  After just a few months of working with Karen, I feel stronger and more confident than I ever have before.  I can’t imagine how I ever would have ended up at this point without her fantastic coaching.

K.F. Midland, ON

Before working with Karen I did not have the confidence to pursue my dreams and I did not know what to do.  I was lost.  I could not push past my resistance to actually get what I wanted.

While working with Karen, I was able clear my unwanted beliefs about myself and I taking steps with confidence towards pursuing my desired relationships.  And it was all so easy!

My advise for those thinking about working with Karen is to definitely do it and don’t ever look back because she’ll guide you to clear all of your blocks and take you to where you need to go.

G.D.Ajax, ON

I have been a binge drinker since I was an early adolescent.  I couldn’t seem to shake it, no matter how many intentions or goals I set for myself.   I had tried several different types of counselling but nothing stuck in. Frustrated, disappointed and frightened, I was at a loss . After one session with Karen, I immediately stopped losing control of my drinking. After 3 months, I not only don’t feel the need to drink alcohol in an unhealthy manner, I feel so in control of all aspects of my life. I have a deep sense of peace knowing I am now in the drivers seat.


I decided that I needed coaching to help me with my anxiety.  I was anxious about everything from work, to school, to how my life was generally going. At times I felt like a prisoner of my own negative emotions, planning my life to avoid triggering situations that made me feel worse. It was getting so bad at times that it was manifesting as health problems that only stressed me out more.

When I started meeting with Karen I was fully committed to breaking free from the anxiety that was controlling my life and put my energy into positive thinking. She helped my undo the old stories that I was telling myself about how I wasn’t good enough and would never become successful, and replaced them with more positive truths about myself. I started noticing changes even after my first session and was encouraged and determined to see this through to the end.

Now, my anxiety levels have drastically changed. I now live with normal amounts of stress, but not the debilitating amounts like before. I believe that I am a good person with much to contribute to positively impact people and situations around me. I have made and reached personal goals and milestones since, and continue to work towards what I want knowing that I can achieve them.

I highly recommend Karen for anyone who is living with anxiety, fear and worry over their life and needs help getting out of their own way to succeed. It is a liberating and life enriching experience that I would do again in a heartbeat

D.H.Aurora, ON

From the first day I felt very welcomed and I felt that I already knew Karen for years it went very well


I just returned from a weekend trip to New York with a few girl friends. I am happy to let you know that I found myself in much better state than before. There’s a form of clarity that was not available before.  Some previous triggers are no longer as salient or even cause any emotional responses anymore. Really want to thank you for the experience.

C.C.Markham, ON