My Story

Someone once told me that the person you’re in the best position to help is yourself.

I know the grip of feeling anxious and sad.  I experienced it for over 10 years.  And in those 10 years, my life followed a steady downward spiral starting with the destruction of close relationships, loss of my job, involvement in an unhealthy and unsafe relationship and ending with financial ruin.  It all resulted in heavy, toxic feelings of panic, desperation and anger.

When I “woke up” to a realization that I was heading towards complete destruction of my life, I felt trapped by my choices; unable to imagine anything different.  I could not think straight.  My brain was fuzzy and useless.  I felt guilty, ashamed, weak.  I tried desperately to get through the day with a brave face, pretending everything was good, normal, on track.

Luckily, I wasn’t hiding it well at all.

I’m sure she wasn’t the only one, but a friend saw clean through my supposedly foolproof façade.  She could see that I was drowning and she was bold enough, brave enough, caring enough to confront me about it.

“Karen,” she said, “I know someone you should talk to.  Someone who can help you deal with your anger and anxiousness.  Someone who will have your back.”

As you might expect, I was doubtful… skeptical …reluctant.

But I was ready to try just about anything.

I went to my first session not sure what to expect, desperately hoping for something – anything that would help, but not believing it would actually happen.

I left with a profound realization that truly and honestly ….

It could be different.

And the miracle is that it is.

My life has been profoundly changed.  Better yet, I emerged free of sadness and anxiousness, not only with my confidence and my joy back, but also with tools, skills and strengths I never had before.  I started handling and responding to situations differently, goodness started to show up in my life as bad relationships went away and healthy, supportive ones showed up, opportunities for growth revealed themselves and most amazingly, I had hope and joy again about the future.

And I discovered a new passion, a passion to share this transformative process and message with others that are struggling.  Please hear me…

It can be different!

If you’re ready to Believe, Trust, and Break-Through, please contact me for a complimentary consultation session.

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