FREE Bi-Weekly Webinar Series: Resetting Emotions & Finding Peace During COVID-19

I am checking in with all of you at this very unique time.  I want you to feel supported and so I am going to use my increased time at home to share with my community online in ways that I feel could be helpful.

Starting Monday April 6th at 11:00am EST, I will be going live for 30 minutes.  I will continue to go live every Monday and Wednesday at 11:00EST until we are no longer practicing social distancing.

This is a FREE webinar where you will be offered guidance on how to reset your emotions, examine your thoughts for deeper meaning and reflection and find gratitude and peace while on this journey through the COVID-19 pandemic.

This time is confusing and scary.  It is also an excellent opportunity however for  self-reflection, practicing emotional and psychological discipline and personal and communal  growth.  We can make the best of this situation.  We can grow from this and come out of it better than before.

Let your friends know about this free online opportunity so they can stay emotionally healthy and positive as well.  The webinar can be accessed at this link as well as via my Facebook Page.

See you soon!

About Karen

Hi, I’m Karen Spencer.

I am a NLP Master Practitioner and Training Coach.

I bring the best and latest knowledge and developments in the area of neurolinguistics and belief-change modalities to my coaching by focusing relentlessly on constant learning and training.

My passion is helping anyone who is going through a tough time and realize that they need to get beyond who they think they are and the way they have been conditioned to realize a new life.

I am deeply rewarded when I see the unveiling of a person’s true nature once the clutches of overwhelming negative feelings, thinking, behaviour and memories from past programming and experiences are lessened.