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Creativity as a Cure for Anxiety

When was the last time you were creative? I mean the last time you did something totally innovative that stretched your imagination. For me, I realized it was a long, long time ago. I was probably a child the last time I did anything that genuinely creative. But why is being creative so important?

Recent research out of the United States has shown that students who completed creative projects experienced a decrease in their anxiety levels. It concluded that one of the contributing factors to that decline was that our typical day-to-day lives involve solving problems by just the click of a computer mouse. Where doing a creative project requires longer processes, unclear solutions, sometimes frustration, and the opportunity to overcome roadblocks. All of these resulted in both elevated pride and personal satisfaction.

And when we are engaged in a creative project, we are living in the present moment. The beauty of the present moment is that it is a void to triggers and feelings associated with anxiety.

How to Get Creative

Once I came to understand the importance and benefits of being creative, I wondered how I could go about becoming creative, since it’s not part of my every day experience. I came to realize that I just needed to start. It didn’t really matter where or when. So I decided to tackle a home redecorating project that had been lingering for a long time. I was delighted when I began to recognize the benefits. I experienced being the present moment with my project and my mind and body responded. I was more relaxed, calmer, and happier.

Then I experienced the reciprocal benefits – the creativity of my redecorating project stirred up more creativity in other areas of my life. I became more confident in my abilities to think outside of the box. And soon I found myself coming up with new ideas for my business and for my one-on-one coaching.

Focus on the Process

The good news is that incorporating creativity into life does not need to be difficult. It does not matter what hobby you take up or whether or not you have a natural talent. It’s about the process more than the final product. Ignore the naysayers and just do what feels natural. If we all stop thinking about our fears and stressors, and focus on what is novel and original, we can train our brains to automatically explore rather than avoid.

What ideas do you have on how you can become more creative? I invite you to join in the conversation on Facebook and Instagram.

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