Announcing New Coaching Program, FREE Webinar Support Programs and More

In light of the recent pandemic announcement by the World Health Organization, I have put together a number of changes to both my offerings and availability.  My top priority is the health of my clients: past, present and future.

Announcing New Coaching Program, Webinar and More

COVID-19 Personalized Breakthrough

This unique coaching breakthrough is designed to effectively deal with the fear, stress, overwhelm and anxiousness created by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Emotional and behavioural regulation, mindfulness, and mindset management will be achieved in as little a 20 hours. Shifting away from feeling like a victim in these unprecedented circumstances to a realization that one can still have control over their life is the ultimate goal of this powerful coaching program.

Book a complimentary consultation to further discuss this unique coaching opportunity.

Bi-Weekly Webinar

Starting Monday April 6th, Karen will be hosting a 30 minute webinar series where she will be offering help to stay healthy and happy as you #selfquarantine.  These webinars will take place Mondays at 11am and Wednesdays.  Follow the link and join to enjoy help and a sense of connection and community.

Increased Communications

I am committed to increasing my communication during this unprecedented time with the intention assisting others in managing mental wellbeing.  Watch for my Monday morning emails, additional blogs, IG Stories as well as IG Lives.

You can stay connected through any of my platforms (see below).  If you want to request access to my newsletters, simply sign up below.

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Increased Availability

Starting immediately, I have opened up my scheduled for additional coaching sessions to release fear or anxiety and to reset and tap into your optimism and creative energy.