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Do Autumn Differently This Year

Autumn Is On The Way Can you feel the change in the air? My mother always used to ask me this around this time of the year. And she was right. There is a shift in the air at this time of year. Somehow, it feels less intense outside, even though temperatures can still reach […]

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Fall Back into Routine to Reduce Anxiety

It’s that time of year when we get back into our routines, whether it be work, exercise, eating or school, after enjoying a couple months sabbatical. Even if you don’t have children returning to school, September symbolizes a fresh start. For many people, work and school are sources of high stress and continuous anxiety. And, […]

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My New Favorite List – A List of Accomplishments!

August is here already Did you wake up last week like, “How has over half of the year already passed?” Did you have a bit of a panic regarding all the things you wanted to accomplish in 2018 that don’t seem to be hitting the finish line? Well, I did.  I have big plans for […]

How to Shake Off a Bad Mood - It Can Be Different - Help with Anxiety and Depression for Women in Aurora NLP Aurora Karen Spencer NLP

How to Shake Off a Bad Mood

Do you ever feel your bad mood is just impossible to shake off?  That it seems as if it has a grip on you and is out of your control?  Positive thinking and affirmations are just not working to move past this bad mood? Why is this?  Why is it that sometime our moods are […]

Worrying is Mental Rehearsal for Failure - Dealing with stress and anxiety Aurora - It Can Be Different with Karen Spencer

Worrying is Mental Rehearsal for Failure

Worrying about an upcoming event, appointment, job interview, presentation, exam or really just about anything is normal and we all do it.  And the more important the event, the more worried we become. We imagine we will forget things, get lost, mess up our words, look silly, get embarrassed, perform poorly, not get the results […]