Do you want 2020 to be DIFFERENT than 2019, 2018, 2017…?
With 2020 fast approaching, you may be thinking about how you can experience the next year differently.  No longer living with burnout, stress and overwhelm. But how?

By experiencing the amazing change that can be realized only through my transformational coaching.

Who Can Benefit from My Transformational Coaching?

Anyone who wants any of the following amazing benefits:

Improved Emotional Expression:

  • The ability to have access to a full range of emotions
  • The sense that your emotions are appropriate to present circumstances, rather than being an expression of an unresolved issue from the past
  • Enjoying a fundamental sense of well being and peace

 Better Relationships:

  • Being able to freely express your own needs and wants
  • Being able to take responsibility for making choices in areas of your life
  • Being OK regardless of what others think of you

 Ability to Overcome Habits and Other Behaviours:

  • Having behaviours that are in alignment with your values
  • Having greater ease in changing behaviours

 Self-Image Improvement:

  • Become more and more the person you want to be
  • Experience more kindness and compassion toward yourself
  • High self-esteem

Resolution with any of the following life difficulties:

  • Stress and strain of everyday life
  • Fears and anxiousness
  • Overwhelm and exhaustion
  • Sadness and feeling down

My Method: Why Transformational Coaching Works:

Unlike traditional therapy which focus on WHY you have a problem (why did it show up), my coaching is transformational in that is deals with HOW you are creating the problem so that it can be transformed once and for all.

Transformational coaching involves getting past the negative memories, emotions and beliefs that are keeping you limited as well as keeping the problem a problem.

Through the coaching process, the way you feel about yourself begins to change and you gain the power, energy and confidence to move forward in a new way, no longer repeating the familiar past.

The key difference between transformational coaching and traditional coaching is that transformational coaching is geared not only toward the removal of the problem but also with equipping you with the skills, behaviour and tools so you can realize your best life.  And from this new normal, you can create a new way of being.

My Coaching Package

YOU ARE DIFFERENT (A Personal Breakthrough)

This is the most popular coaching package and is for anyone who feels trapped by strong emotions such as guilt, unresolved anger, sadness and fear that is showing up as emotional distress, health or relationship issues, a halted career, financial crisis, trauma or even drama.  Each breakthrough is uniquely aimed at empowering the individual by releasing negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are keeping the person stuck and repeatedly triggered by the same events or people.  People exit this coaching feeling more self-confident and more self-accepting while experiencing inspiration, peace and joy.  This coaching can be accommodated in person or via video sessions.


In order to make 2020 the year that you:

  • Stop suffering from negativity and feeling:
    • Low mood and lack of energy
    • Nervous and stressed most of the time
    • Overwhelming guilt or shame that haunts your daily thoughts
    • Lack of confidence
  • Become unstuck in life and are finally able to find the motivation to get things that you desire like
    • A new career
    • Happier relationships
    • Improved health
  • End the struggling with a behaviour that is not serving you and that you can’t stop no matter what you do

….. I have put together a one-time only offer.

Sign up to experience a YOU ARE DIFFERENT (Personal Breakthrough)  before December 31, 2019 and you will receive a COMPLIMENTARY Quantum Change Process™, valued at $400.  Quantum Change Process™ is a leading-edge belief change technique proven to effectively access old, unresolved beliefs that are buried in the unconscious mind and resolve them by letting go of the emotions linked to them.  As part of the Make 2020 Different Offer, you can opt to have the Quantum Change Process™ included as part of your Personal Breakthrough experience OR you can gift this offer to a family member or friend.  It’s your choice.

How to Take Advantage of the MAKE 2020 DIFFERENT OFFER:

Simply go to my website and request a Complimentary Consultation.   During your complimentary consultation, simply indicate that you are interested in taking advantage of the MAKE 2020 DIFFERENT offer.  And that’s it!  The Quantum Change Process will then be included as part of your Personal Breakthrough.

It is with deep sincerity that I wish you a new year that is filled with possibility and opportunity to experience it differently and with the awareness of much happiness and prosperity.

Season’s Greetings,

Karen Spencer